Alex, the destiny of a king : "A version of King Arthur to the modern world and modern children"

Eight years after “Attack the Block”, Joe Cornish returns to behind the camera and transpos the legend of King Arthur in the modern world. A way for the director and his team to prove to us that this story is still relevant. After making a strong impression thanks to Attack the Block in 2011, Joe Cornish finally returns behind the camera and remains in the present, as the co-writer of the Tintin of Steven Spielberg invites us this time to a reinterpretation of the modern the legend of King Arthur in which one finds the spirit of the productions, Amblin. Accompanied by his actors Patrick Stewart and Angus Imrie (who embody both the enchanter Merlin), as well as Rebecca Ferguson, he explains us why is this story still relevant today in the video above. And then the reason which has given the urge to re-tell its sauce with Alex, the destiny of a king. AlloCiné : You like to clearly mix genres, and, after having moved the alien invasion in a city, this is the legend of King Arthur for young people. Where this desire to blend these two worlds ?
Joe Cornish : This is something that I had never seen before. I had never seen the legend of the sword in the stone retold in the modern world. I was already thinking of this movie when I was a child, and I grew up during the 80’s, where movies were always super concepts, as in Raiders of the lost Ark or die hard, which were based on simple ideas. I wondered why no one had ever used the device of the sword in the stone to transpose it into the present. And this raises all kinds of questions : what does it mean to be a king if you are a normal child ? A child can embark on a quest ? Can they walk for more than half an hour ? To ride a horse ? I also had the feeling that there was a sub-text pop and politics interesting, because King Arthur arrives in an England divided, fighting an ancient Evil that lies dormant in the soil of the country… And we can say that similar things are happening in the world today. So I felt that there was enough to create a contrast fun, spectacular and stimulating in this story. You were talking about films of the 80s, and we feel the same spirit that in “The Goonies” for example.
Many movies of today play the card of nostalgia and take place in the 80’s, because they seek to be like those productions, Amblin of the time. But Alex… is very modern and rooted in its time. There is no music of the 80s, not of Olivia Newton-John or gaiters. But what it has in common with these films is that it is a film taken of the views are real, with children and for children. This is something that has, strangely, gone to the cinema. Most movies for kids are stories of superheroes, movies, super hero animated, they are based on toys… To such a point that it has become unusual for children to go to the movies to see themselves. In a story that takes place in the real world, that they may recognize. Mounting : Constance Mathews “Alex, the destiny of a king”, in cinemas from the 10th of April : Alex, destiny d'a king trailer VO

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Bracelets, red, Charlie, turn up the sound, Cain… The appointment series from 11 to 17 march

The return of teen sun “Wristbands red” on TF1 in the new series of Idris Elba, “Charlie, turn up the sound”, on Netflix, roundup of events series for the week of 11 to 17 march. Monday, march 11, TF1 – BRACELETS RED : Thomas, Clement, Roxane and Mehdi we are once again in the corridors of the hospital for a 2nd season of the French series, which has upset the spectators. Canal + – GEARS : final season 7 (2 episodes). OCS City – CRASHING : end of the 3rd season of the american comedy (US +24). Amazon Prime Video – AMERICAN GODS : the Gods are back in a season 2 unedited (US + 24). US – GOOD DOCTOR : end of season 2 on ABC. US – THE PASSING : end of season 1 on Fox. Tuesday, march 12, TF1 – The FATAL WEAPON : start of season 3, marked by the replacement of Clayne Crawford by Seann William Scott. France 3 – UNDER THE SKIN : the spread of the 3 parts of the mini-series police worn by Anne Marivin, Nicolas Gob. C8 – RED SHADOWS : Nadia Farès embarks on a breathless search for the truth alongside Antoine Duléry, Raphaël Lenglet and Lannick Gautry. Serieclub – TIMELESS : the launch of the 2nd and final season of the adventure series SF (2 episodes). Syfy – MARVEL’S RUNAWAYS : final of season 2 of the series super-heroic. BET – THE FAMILY BUSINESS : kick-off of the drama american. US – PROJECT BLUE BOOK : the final of season 1 on History. Wednesday, march 13, TF1 – GREY’S ANATOMY : the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital opens its doors for the 15th season, followed as soon 22.55 new episodes of season 2 of CHICAGO MED. Grey's Anatomy – season 15 trailer VO US – I’m SORRY : end of season 2 on TruTV. Thursday, march 14 France 3 – HAPPY VALLEY : back to business again for Catherine Cawood in a 2nd season. Canal + – THE LITTLE DRUMMER GIRL : dissemination of the first 2 episodes (out of 6) of the thriller worn by Alexander Skarsgård, Michael Shannon, and Florence Pugh, followed at 22.55, of the season 1 of the dramédie uk THE BISEXUAL. Warner TV – 4BLOCKS : return to the heart of the mafia German with the season 2 novel. US – THE GOOD FIGHT : the launch of season 3 on CBSAA. US – SIREN : start of the second part of season 2 on the Freeform. Friday, march 15, France 2 – CAIN : the facetious captain of police is back for a 7th season. TF1 Series Films – JESSICA JONES : end of season 1 of the series Marvel. Netflix – online of season 1 of the comedy “CHARLIE, turn up THE SOUND with Idris Elba, of the second part of the season 5’s arrested DEVELOPMENT, season 5 LUTHER, season 4 of SCORPION and the season 1 of the animated series” LOVE, DEATH + ROBOTS created by David Fincher and Tim Miller. Love, Death + Robots – season 1 trailer VF Amazon Prime Video – MONK : provision of the complete series of police worship with Tony Shalhoub. US – SHRILL : kick-off on Hulu. Saturday, march 16, M6 – MACGYVER : the reboot of the cult series back for a season 3. TMC – THE MYSTERIES OF LOVE : the series celebrates its 500th episode. Sunday, march 17, 13th Street – BERLIN STATION : for its 3rd season, the team is tasked to investigate a situation unstable and dangerous in Estonia. Netflix – ROMANCE IS A BONUS BOOK : the final of season 1 of the Korean drama. US – TRILLION : the launch of season 4 on Showtime. US – HIGH MAINTENANCE : end of season 3 on HBO.

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Netflix is invited to the table of the all-powerful MPAA

Beyond the harvest of nominations for the upcoming Oscars (a fortnight !) for its productions, including ten just for “Roma”, the platform Netflix joins the table of the members of the all-powerful MPAA. Such a symbol. Motion Picture Association of America The symbol is undeniably strong. Sign, in fine, of a re-entry in the ranking, after having long played disorders feasts in the Business Model of the cinema ? Strong of a dozen nominations for the upcoming academy awards, ten of which nothing as to its production Roma, the platform Netflix joins the table of the all-powerful MPAA, the Motion Picture Association of America. For the record, the MPAA, an organization fixture in the industrial landscape of the Entertainment to US, is that which regulates and determines the classifications of works being displayed on the screens. This is the first time that a digital platform joins the body, opening potential the way to Amazon, and in the future may be, Apple. What’s more, according to Variety, which reports information, the company is accepted as a media brand’s creative content, “The fact that Netflix can now sit at the same table, alongside firms such as Disney, Sony, Warner Bros. or Paramount, shows the respect that they are given, and that the platform is now perceived as a force in film,” says an analyst, as quoted by Variety. Kay Koplovitz, former CEO of the channel USA Networks, for its part, considers that the decision of this combination of Netflix and the MPAA “is not at all surprising. In recent years, they have demonstrated their ability to create hit series and will be rewarded, and now movies. But I’m not agree with this premise, which is to say that they are like any other large Media company. Nothing that the amount of data acquired with their subscriber base already places Netflix well ahead of the rest of the pack”. Suffice to say that with the arrival next of the platforms, Disney, Warner, and Apple, the fight may be without a thank you.

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Tonight on tv : matt "Gilda" and "The Sicilian Clan"

You don’t know what to watch tonight ? The Drafting of AlloCiné shows you the movies and series on tv. In the program : a thriller cult of Henri Verneuil, a film noir with Rita Hayworth, and the first film by Michel Boujenah. “Allowed to watch” The Sicilian Clan by Henri Verneuil with Jean Gabin, Lino Ventura (France 3, 21h) : “In the French cinema of the 1960s, there were two ways, equally honourable to understand the polar. One, cold and implacable, that we owe to Melville, and the other, more spectacular, and popular, which has been the trademark of Verneuil. Reflected in this “Clan of the Sicilians” which marks a decisive turning point in the conceptualization of organized crime. The passing of a logical group, of family, with its codes, its rules and its articles of association to a form that is more individualistic, spirited, one might say sixties to stick to the spirit of the time. A black film major and ambitious, therefore, served majestically and humbly by a trio of holy monsters (Gabin, Delon, Ventura).” Guillaume Martin Gilda trailer VO Gilda by Charles Vidor with Rita Hayworth, Glenn Ford (Arte, 20h55) : “Work that led to Rita Hayworth to its reputation as a sex symbol, “Gilda” is a film noir that draws its pin from the play by the symbolic sexual he emerges and the ambiguity of the relationships between its characters. But this variation around the friendship, the desire and the ambition is especially essential for the figure of the femme fatale pulled by its lead actress. The sensuality of Hayworth culminates in the scene of dance now worship, and, while removing a glove, she sings “Put the Blame on Mame”. A sequence that in itself justifies to discover this classic.” Emilie Schneider, Father and son trailer VF Father and son of Michel Boujenah, Philippe Noiret, Charles Berling (TV5 World, 21h) : “For its first realization, Michel Boujenah delivers a tender family comedy about a father aging who tries everything to reconnect with his three sons. The quartet embarks then for an animated stay in Canada. Philippe Noiret played with brio this patriarch, soft and slightly a liar, although well-intentioned. In front of him, the trio, Charles Berling, Bruno Putzulu, Pascal Elbé exudes a harmony and a sympathy contagious. A feel-good movie that is refreshing.” Caroline Langlois “Permitted to speak” And otherwise, among all the movies that are coming this evening, what is your favorite ? What are you going to watch this Monday, march 04 ? To find all programs, go directly to the grid by clicking here.

Killing Eve renewed for a season 3

While the dissemination of “Killing Eve” season 2 begins just on AMC, the Network announced that the series will have a 3rd season. This renewal is accompanied by the replacement of its showrunner Emerald Fennell. AMC The season 2 of Killing Eve has just started on the chains US, and already AMC has announced a season 3, by the intermediary of Sarah Barnett, director of the entertainment programs of the Network. A renewal with a new significance : the departure of showrunner (not to say the soul) of the series, Emerald Fennell. Suzanne Heathcote, who worked on Fear, The Walking Dead, takes the succession. Killing Eve, adapted from “Codename Villanelle” by novelist Luke Jennings, can be seen as a game of cat and mouse between an agent of MI5 (Sandra Oh) and a killer refined and ruthless (Jodie Comer) across Europe. A skillful blend of violence and black humor, the series has captivated the public and critics, Sandra Oh winning in 2019 the Golden Globe for Best actress in a drama series. Killing Eve season 2 will be broadcast on Canal+ Series from April 17. The teaser of the season 2 of Killing Eve : Killing Eve – season 2 Teaser (2) VO