Ahmed Sylla will be Passepartout in an adaptation of series of around the world in 80 days

Ahmed Sylla will play Passepartout, the servant of the hero, Phileas Fogg, in an adaptation in the series of “around the world in 80 days” tour in English for France Télévisions. March Movies Yesterday, on the occasion of the festival Series Mania that is taking place in Lille, France Télévisions announced that an adaptation in a series of around the world in 80 days, the famous adventure novel by Jules Verne, was in the project. And it is the actor and comedian Ahmed Sylla, who will play the role of Jean Passepartout, servant of the hero of the novel Phileas Fogg, with whom he rose to the challenge of making a round the world in eighty days. “This is huge. I have pressure but mostly full of stars in their eyes (…). “said Ahmed Sylla, now at Lille, as well as the reports Le Parisien . “I confess that I’ve never read the book,” he says. “At school I was more the type to concentrate on detailed summaries of the works. “The director-general delegate to the antenna and programs of France Télévisions Takis Candilis, has indicated that it would be an international co-production Alliance, a partnership signed last year at the Series Mania between France Tv and the public tv channels in German and Italian ZDF and Rai. The series will include eight episodes of 52 minutes, and will be filmed in the English language. Do you know the favorite scene in the movie of Ahmed Sylla, the hero of Access ? A challenge for Ahmed Sylla, which is precisely exposed to English in recent years : “It’s funny because four years ago, my brother advised me to put myself in English, so that I didn’t want too. I have studied this language thoroughly for two years and it has paid off. I’m still going to have a coach for this shoot to improve my accent. “In addition to the around the world in 80 days, France Télévisions has also communicated on an adaptation project in a series of Germinal by Emile Zola and a fiction about Diane de Poitiers, in which the favorite of king Henri II would be interpreted by Isabelle Adjani.